Wood Blocks Portfolio

Artist's Statement

As a small boy, I did not have a typical set of wooden blocks to play with.

Instead, my whole world was wood blocks.  My father was a custom furniture maker, having learned his craft in Holland.  On Saturdays, my Dad would take me to his shop.  While he worked, I played.  I would build all sorts of houses, buildings and cities with abandoned blocks of wood.

A few years ago, I visited my good friend George Meyers at his commercial store fixture, fabrication facility.  During a tour of the plant, I noticed a pile of scrap wood ready to be discarded.  As I starred at this pile of wood, a memory rekindled.  I asked George if I could have a dozen pieces to play with in my studio.

I was like a kid all over again.  Recycling at its best, these rough milled pieces of hard wood (painted at their ends by the lumber mill for identification); walnut, oak, maple and others were my wooden blocks to play with as a fifty-year old.  I doweled them together to permanently recreate what I did in an earlier life.  Now, I make regular trips to see George and pick out more discarded pieces of wood to make my ‘Wood Block’ sculptures.

I work with my heart and head to create much of what I did as a kid, often sitting on the floor.  At times, I manipulate the wood, cutting and fitting these wood blocks into one another to create another dimension/step to the process.

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