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Artist's Statement

Two rather dirty, tarnished truck springs were found in a cow field behind the house I rented while in architecture school at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California.  I brought both of them into the house, washed off the dirt and cleaned them up.  What compelled me about these springs was the spiral shape and round bar stock from which they were forged.  Contemplating this “stock” and “shape” further, I wondered what the springs would look like if I were to change the surface material and chrome plate them.

I had the springs polished and plated.  When completed these springs seemed to transcend into a new vibrant shape.  The round bar stock reflecting the surroundings in a surrealistic way and spiral shape that at times reflected itself seemed to create movement, while the piece was in fact static.  Because they created this dynamic energy I called them Coil I and Coil II.

In 1972, I entered Coil II in the National Small Sculpture & Drawing Competition at San Diego State University.  Over 1,000 pieces were submitted for review, 155 made the show and 6 were purchased for the permanent collection.  Coil II was one of them.

Coil I is the inspiration of this body of work which I have created 30 years later.  This portfolio is that of objects which have been transformed by having changed their surface material.  These items have been cast in bronze, polished and plated.

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